Change and disclosure reporting

The reporting process is used to let us know of any changes to the way your organisation is governed or operates that might impact your organisation’s ability to comply with the Performance Standards. These might happen as a result of a planned change or a significant event.

Disclosure reporting is required for any significant event, usually after the fact.

Examples of the types of changes you should notify us about can be found in the Change and Disclosure Report(external link) [PDF, 1.8MB].(external link)

If your organisation needs to make a Change and Disclosure Report, or there is something else you think we should be aware of, please complete our Change and Disclosure Report, sign it and send it to us for assessment.

When we receive a Change and Disclosure Report, we assess the information to determine whether the change will affect your organisation’s ability to meet the eligibility criteria and the Performance Standards.

For example, if we are advised that an organisation is involved in a proposal to significantly increase the size of its housing stock, we assess its capacity to manage a larger portfolio.

If we identify an issue, we may request further information to help assess how it affects the organisation’s ability to meet the Performance Standards.