How we assess applications

Once an application is received, it is checked to ensure the supporting documents have been provided before the application can be accepted. Applications are allocated for assessment in the order they are accepted as full and complete.

Once an application is allocated, we assess all information to ensure that your  application meets the eligibility criteria. When we confirm that your organisation is eligible, we will commence an in-depth assessment of you organisations ability to meet the Performance Standards and have the capacity to meet the ongoing annual reporting requirements following registration.

We may require additional information or clarification about aspects of the information you have provided. When we do, we will make a further information request and your application will be placed on hold until it is received.

How do we decide?

When we review applications for registration, we want to know that:

We will determine this by assessing applicants’ capacity to meet the five Performance Standards:

  • Governance: The provider will ensure it is well-governed at all times.
  • Management: The provider is managed in a safe, efficient, and effective manner at all times.
  • Financial viability: The provider demonstrates financial viability and solvency at all times.
  • Tenancy management: The provider is a responsive and effective landlord.
  • Property and asset management: The provider manages its housing assets in a manner that ensures properties are suitable.

After we evaluate the application, we’ll make a recommendation to the Manager, who will make the decision on whether the applicant should be registered.

Our principles

To help guide our work, we have a set of principles we apply when assessing applications for registration and continued compliance with the Performance Standards:


We consider the level of risk CHPs and their tenants are exposed to, including size, scale, location and experience in carrying out regulated activities.

For registration, this means assessing whether the policies, procedures and systems an organisation has in place demonstrate the capacity to meet the Performance Standards for an organisation of its size, and scale of housing provision. For example, we would not expect a small CHP with 10 houses and no aspirations for growth to produce a detailed strategic plan (unless they have significant growth aspirations).


This principle involves CHRA being able to justify decisions, and being open to public scrutiny. We collect, use and share the information we obtain consistent with Te Tūāpapa Kura Kāinga – Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)'s Transparency statement(external link)

Fairness and consistency

We have fair, clear and open processes, and our decisions are made in an unbiased and consistent manner.