Applying for registration

We are experiencing a sustained increase in applications for registration.

This means applicants may experience a sustained delay prior to the application being allocated for assessment. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

To ensure that applications are processed as quickly as possible, we recommend applicants ensure they provide all information required (as set out in the application form) to prevent any additional delays in the application being accepted and processed.

To submit an application for registration, your organisation will need to:

  1. Ensure that your organisation meets the eligibility criteria.
  2. Meet with us to discuss the suitability of your organisation for registration. If the Authority is satisfied that your organisation meets the eligibility criteria and is a financially viable organisation of enduring substance, that can provide appropriate long-term housing services, we will provide you with a copy of the application form.
  3. Fill out the Application for Registration form and begin collating the required supporting documentation.  
  4. Obtain Board support for an application, including the Chair’s signature on the application form.
  5. Submit the completed application form and accompanying documents.

CHRA will then:

  1. Review your application for eligibility and completeness. Incomplete applications will be returned and not put in the assessment queue.
  2. Assess your application, examining your capacity to meet the Performance Standards.
  3. Present a registration recommendation to the Regulator (the Head of CHRA), who decides whether to grant registration or not.
  4. Inform you of CHRA’s decision.
  5. Send you the Regulator’s official Evaluation Report setting out the analysis that led to CHRA’s registration decision.

Please note that while registered CHPs are eligible to partner with HUD to supply IRRS tenancies, obtaining a contract is not automatic, and is at the discretion of the funders. For more information about supply opportunities, visit the Providing public housing(external link) page on the HUD website. 

For unsuccessful applications CHRA will:

  1. Provide you with a detailed assessment report that outlines the reasons for our decision.