How to complete your annual reporting

How to complete your annual reporting

To complete your annual reporting, you will also need to submit the supporting documentation, including your annual financial statements and accounts.

Annual Reporting Template

The template outlines five Performance Outcomes, based on our Performance Standards:

  1. Governance: The provider will ensure it is well-governed at all times.
  2. Management: The provider is managed in a safe, efficient and effective manner at all times.
  3. Financial viability: The provider demonstrates financial viability and solvency at all times.
  4. Tenancy management: The provider is a responsive and effective landlord.
  5. Property and asset management: The provider manages its housing assets in a manner that ensures properties are suitable.

The reporting template provides you with the opportunity to supply supporting information on how you have met these standards.

Financial statements and accounts

Mandatory information includes copies of your organisation’s audited financial statements and accounts.