How we monitor CHPs

Each year we will ask registered CHPs to update the information we hold on your organisation, to make sure they are still complying with the eligibility criteria and Performance Standards.

Our main mechanism for doing this is the Annual Regulatory Report, which we send out before an organisation’s AGM. 

The information we request is divided into three parts.

1. Response to areas of improvement

These are identified either through:

  • the Evaluation Report at the time of registration;
  • the previous year’s Annual Regulatory Assessment Report; or
  • through Disclosure and Change Reporting.

2. General compliance with the Performance Standards

A small set of primary documents will help us assess compliance with the Performance standards(external link). These include:

  • Full and unredacted Board minutes (for the previous 12 months) – see our Board minutes Guidance Note [PDF, 156 KB] for further details
  • audited financial accounts in the name of the registered CHP
  • Complete budget forecasts for the registered entity for the next financial year following the provided audited accounts, including statements of:
    • income and expenditure
    • cash flows
    • financial position
    • changes in equity (or a reconciliation of opening equity to closing equity)
    • statement of the underlying assumptions upon which the budget forecast is based
  • Current insurance schedules on the insurance provider’s letterhead covering both organisational insurance and material damage to properties in your portfolio

3. Focus on one area of the Performance Standards

Each year we will focus on one area of the Performance Standards, to assess how your organisation’s policies and procedures are being implemented. This approach to annual monitoring is designed to minimise the compliance burden on providers, rather than seeking evidence across all areas of the Performance Standards. 

In 2022/23 the focus is on the Property and Asset Management Performance Standard.