How to apply

Meet with us

The first step to applying is to meet with us to discuss your plans. This meeting gives us an opportunity to discuss:

  • our expectations of registered CHPs
  • your organisation’s circumstances
  • suitability for registration
  • the ongoing regulatory requirements of registered CHP status
  • the supporting information we require to be submitted with an application.

Once we have met with you, we will provide the application form to qualified organisations. You can then decide whether to complete the application.

Contact us(external link) to set up a meeting, or for advice on your application.

Complete the application form

You are required to complete all sections of the form. Incomplete applications will not be assessed, and your application will be placed on hold until we have all the information we require.

Mandatory obligations

You should consider the mandatory obligations of registered CHPs before proceeding with your application.

Registered CHPs are subject to:

They are also are required to share their Board minutes with CHRA, complete and unredacted apart from individuals’ and operational staff names.


Your Chair (or equivalent position) must complete several declarations, including any conflicts of interest. Find out more about declaring and managing conflicts of interest(external link).

Help with your application form

The Performance Standards and Guidelines are designed to help you complete the application form. You can also contact CHRA for guidance.

Assistance is also available through the sector’s provider representative body, Community Housing Aotearoa.(external link)

Prepare supporting information

To be considered for registration, your organisation must provide evidence in the application form to demonstrate the capacity to meet. The Performance Standards relate to key areas of organisation performance:

The Performance Standards and the supporting documentation you will need to provide are described in Section II of the application form.

Supporting information includes evidence of the policies and processes a CHP will have in place to ensure it:

  • is a financially viable organisation with sound organisational processes
  • demonstrates thorough policies and processes and a detailed understanding of the responsibilities of being a social landlord
  • can manage its assets effectively and provide quality housing to its tenants.

Mandatory and discretionary supporting information

Two types of supporting information are listed in the application form:

  1. Mandatory information must be supplied before your application will be assessed.
  2. Discretionary information is not an absolute requirement, but it may help us reach a decision on whether to register an applicant.

Refer to the application form and the Performance Standards and Guidelines to determine what supporting information you should include for your organisation.

We recognise that organisations differ in size, scale and the focus of their housing activities. The supporting information we expect you to provide is based on your organisation’s perceived risk exposure.

We may ask you to provide more information to help us complete our assessment of your application.

Submit your application

We welcome applications at any time of the year, and we don’t charge registration fees.

Please submit your application electronically, either via email ( or on a USB memory stick to our address below:

Community Housing Regulatory Authority
PO Box 82
Wellington 6140