About CHRA

The Community Housing Regulatory Authority (CHRA) registers and regulates Community Housing Providers (CHPs). We work to ensure that their tenants are appropriately housed and support the growth of a fair, efficient and transparent community housing sector.

What we do

CHRA works with CHPs who wish to provide quality social and/or affordable rental housing for those in need. Our role includes registering CHPs as well as engaging with registered providers to monitor their performance and intervene if required. Read more about what we do.

About the CHRA Register

One of CHRA’s functions is to maintain a public, searchable register of all registered CHPs.

Its purpose is to ensure that registration and regulation of CHPs is as transparent as possible and enables social housing tenants to make informed housing choices. Find out more about the CHRA register.

Community housing legislation

One of the requirements for becoming a registered CHP is that you are able to demonstrate compliance with relevant legislation in your policies, processes and systems for managing social and/or affordable rental housing. The following legislation is relevant to (but not limited to) community housing and/or CHRA’s functions and powers:

Complaints, disputes and appeals

Information for tenants and CHPs on making complaints, resolving disputes and appealing CHRA registration decisions.