Change and Disclosure Reporting

Reporting is used to proactively advise the Authority of any changes to the way your organisation is governed or operates, either as a result of a planned change or a significant event, which might impact on your organisation’s ability to comply with the Performance Standards.

Examples of changes or events include, but are not limited to:

  • The CHP’s legal name, contact details, geographical location, or AGM date
  • The legal entity type or the constitution/enabling document e.g. CHP’s objects, functions, or scope of activities
  • Structure of the organisation e.g. merger, takeover or related party agreements the CHP is considering entering
  • Membership of the governing body (please include new member’s biographies)
  • Name or job title of any member of the CHP’s senior management team
  • Rental housing stock numbers (can be a quarterly update if frequent changes occur)
  • Material changes to the rent-setting policy that impacts non-IRR rents
  • Financial viability of the CHP
  • Notice of any action being taken against the CHP by any statutory body, individual company, or another agency
  • Notification of any significant cases of fraud, corruption, or criminal misconduct by employees or members of the governing body and any action taken
  • Notification of any adverse event that may result in housing units becoming uninhabitable or triggers significant media interest
  • Notice from a lender regarding ongoing defaults on loans
  • Appointment of a statutory manager, receiver, liquidator, or voluntary administrator

If any of the above apply to your organisation, or there is something else you think we should be aware of, please complete our Change and Disclosure Report [PDF, 997 KB], sign it and send it to us for assessment.

When we receive a Change and Disclosure Report, we assess the information to determine whether the change will affect your organisation’s ability to meet the eligibility criteria and/or Performance Standards. For example, if we are advised that an organisation is involved in a proposal to significantly increase the size of its housing stock, we assess its capacity to manage a larger portfolio.

If we identify an issue, we may request further information to help make an assessment of how it affects the organisation’s ability to meet the Performance Standards.