How to apply

To apply for registration please contact us in first instance via email at, or by phone (04) 896 5908.

1. Before applying for registration

We encourage organisations to consider and discuss potential registration with your management and board. Registration is not something that should be entered into lightly. There are ongoing regulatory requirements, in that you will have to submit annual reports with supporting information to CHRA and at any other time, if there are significant changes to your organisation. It will also take time to develop an application and gather the required supporting information.

If your organisation wishes to apply for registration, you will need to make contact with us in the first instance either via email at, or by phone (04) 896 5908.

This will give us an opportunity to discuss with you our expectations of registered CHPs, your organisation’s circumstances, suitability for registration, the regulatory requirements, and the supporting information we require to be submitted with an application.

2. Complete the application form

If your organisation decides to proceed with registration, we will provide you with a copy of the Application for Registration form. Organisations are required to complete all sections of the form. Please note that incomplete applications will not be assessed. The Application for Registration form will also require you to confirm that your organisation meets the eligibility criteria for registration. 

The application form includes several declarations that the Chair of your organisation (or equivalent position) must complete, including any conflicts of interest. Find out more about declaring and managing conflicts of interest.

3. Prepare your supporting information

To be considered for registration, your organisation must demonstrate that it has the capacity to meet the Performance Standards by providing relevant supporting information with your application form. The Performance Standards relate to key areas of organisation performance (governance, management, financial viability, tenancy management, and asset and property management). The specific Performance Standards and the types of supporting documentation that you will need to provide are contained in Section II of the Application for Registration Form.

Supporting information includes documentation on policies and processes that community housing providers (CHPs) will have in place to ensure that they are well managed and financially viable, and that quality housing is provided to its client group.

Mandatory and discretionary supporting information:

The types of information listed in the Application for Registration Form is divided into two types: mandatory and discretionary, as follows:

  1. Mandatory information is information that you must supply before your application for registration will be considered.
  2. Discretionary information is not an absolute requirement; however, it may assist CHRA in reaching its decision on whether to register an applicant.

Refer to the Application for registration form and the Performance Standards and Guidelines to determine what supporting information you should include for your organisation.

Please note that we recognise that organisations differ in size, as well as the scale and focus of their housing activities. Consequently, our expectations around the type and amount of supporting information will differ, and will be proportionate to your organisation’s perceived risk exposure. However, if we are unable to complete our assessment based on the information you have supplied, you may be asked to supply additional information.

4. Submit your application

Please submit one electronic copy (either on a USB memory stick or via email) of your application.

Applications submitted via email should be sent to

Applications submitted on USB stick can be submitted to either:

Community Housing Regulatory Authority
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
Level 5, 23 Waring Taylor Street
Wellington 6011, New Zealand

Community Housing Regulatory Authority
PO Box 82
Wellington 6140

There are currently no registration fees and you can apply for registration at any time of the year.