Eligibility criteria and exclusions

To be eligible to register as a community housing provider (CHP), you must meet our eligibility criteria and demonstrate capacity to meet the prescribed Performance Standards. These aim to provide the Government assurance that social housing tenants are appropriately housed and that their rights are protected.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for registration as Class 1: Social Landlord:

  • You must be a CHP. This means a housing provider that has as one of its objects the provision of social rental housing and/or affordable rental housing.
  • Your governing body must, after having reviewed the Performance Standards, support the application for registration.
  • The Community Housing Regulatory Authority (CHRA) must be satisfied, on reasonable grounds, that you have the capacity to meet the Performance Standards.

Exclusions from registration

Housing New Zealand Corporation cannot currently register as a CHP under the legislation.

Local authorities and council - controlled organisations also cannot register. However, a subsidiary of a local authority or council-controlled organisation may apply to register as a CHP if it is operating at arm’s length. The subsidiary must be genuinely operating independently from the parent as if not part of its corporate structure. This should be evident from its constitution, membership of its governing body, and its governance and financial management structures.

The legislation allows for registration of classes other than Class 1: Social Landlord, such as asset managers and developers seeking to access capital funding and investment. However, these classes are not in operation at this stage, and would require changes to the Regulations to bring them into effect.