Assessing your application

In assessing whether your organisation should be registered, the Community Housing Regulatory Authority (CHRA) is looking for assurance that social housing tenants will be appropriately housed for the duration of their housing need and that their rights are protected at all times.

Reviewing your application

Following confirmation of an applicant’s eligibility, an assessment of the supporting documentation is undertaken by CHRA’s Evaluators. This assessment looks at the applicant’s capacity to meet the Performance Standards, which cover the following areas of organisational performance:

  • Governance
  • Management
  • Financial viability
  • Tenancy management and
  • Property and asset management.

Please refer to the Performance Standards and Guidelines document for detailed information on what the Evaluators look for in an application (this document should be used as a guide when completing an application form). Recommendations are then presented to the Regulator for a decision on whether the applicant should be registered.

Our principles

CHRA has a set of principles that it applies when assessing community housing providers (CHPs) for registration and ongoing compliance with the Performance Standards:

  • Proportionality
    Considering the level of risk CHPs and their tenants are exposed to, including size, scale, location and experience in carrying out regulated activities. For registration, this means assessing whether the policies, procedures and systems that the CHP has in place demonstrate capacity to meet the Performance Standards for an organisation of its size, and scale of housing provision. For example, we would not expect a small CHP with ten houses and no particular aspirations for growth to produce a detailed strategic plan.
  • Accountability and transparency
    Being able to justify decisions, being open to public scrutiny.
  • Fairness and consistency
    Level playing field, based on fair, clear and open processes and decisions, and consistent application of information and methods.
  • Capability
    Having the people and systems necessary to operate an efficient and effective regulatory regime.

Assessing supporting information

CHRA will assess an organisations policies, processes and systems used for managing social housing against the Performance Standards, along with financial accounts, supplementing any gaps with information requests to inform decision making. We will endeavour to keep any requests for additional information to a minimum to avoid increasing the compliance burden on CHPs.

What happens once a decision is made?

Once the Evaluators complete their assessment, a recommendation on registration is put forward to the Regulator with an Evaluation Report. The Regulator may accept the Evaluator’s recommendation, signing off on the Evaluation Report. Alternatively, the Regulator may reject the recommendation with directions to the Evaluators to give further consideration to a particular matter, or for some other action or line of inquiry to be taken, before an amended Report is returned to the Regulator.

From here, CHRA will inform you of the outcome of your application. If your application is successful you will be provided with written confirmation, including feedback on each of the five areas of Performance Standards. This feedback may also contain requested improvements to ensure your organisation can continue to demonstrate the capacity to meet the Performance Standards (the implementation of which will need to be demonstrated as part of the first year’s annual reporting process). CHRA will also do the following things:

  • Assign you a registration number and enter your organisation on the public register of Class 1: Social Landlords.
  • Notify Ministry of Social Development (MSD) of your registration.
  • Put a notice in the Gazette of your registration.

If your application is not successful, CHRA will provide you with a written notice of the reasons why you have not been registered.

A CHP may appeal to the District Court in relation to CHRA’s decisions affecting registration, find out more about appeals

Evaluation timeframe extended

Generally, CHRA endeavours to assess your application and make a determination of whether to confer registration within 60 working days of receiving your application. As we are currently experiencing a higher than usual number of applications, the timeframe has been extended to within 90 days.   

Incomplete applications which require CHRA to request additional information may take longer to assess. You will be notified of any delay in assessing your application.