I want to apply for registration

Apply to become a registered community housing provider (CHP)

If your organisation is a CHP you can apply to become registered as a Class 1 Social Landlord. Once registered, you are eligible to enter into a contract with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) - the Social Housing Agency, to receive the Income Related Rent Subsidy (IRRS). Please note that registration does not automatically mean that your organisation will receive IRRS, and you will need to discuss with MSD whether the housing your organisation offers meets its requirements in regard to location and configuration.

A summary of the registration application process:

Your organisation will need to:

  1. check and ensure you meet the eligibility criteria.
  2. discuss the suitability for potential registration with the Community Housing Regulatory Authority (CHRA).
  3. complete the Application for Registration form provided by CHRA.
  4. prepare information (documentation) to support your application.
  5. submit the application and accompanying documents to CHRA.

CHRA will then:

  1. review your application for eligibility and completeness.
  2. contact you for further information or to discuss eligibility (if necessary).
  3. assess your application, looking closely at your capacity to meet the Performance Standards.
  4. present a registration recommendation to the Regulator, who decides whether to grant registration or not.
  5. provide applicants with a decision letter.

We aim to complete our assessment process within 60 working days of the application being submitted.

For successful applicants:
  1. enter the details of the new CHP on the public Register and the Gazette.
  2. introduce the newly registered CHP to MSD using a standard template.
  3. collect additional information from the newly registered CHP for the confidential Register.

 Graphic showing steps as oulined above.

Once registered

If you are successful in your application for registration, your organisation will:

  • be eligible to enter into a contract with MSD (at MSDs discretion) for the Income-Related Rent Subsidy.
  • come within CHRA’s monitoring oversight because of your registration status.
  • be assessed at least annually, to determine whether you continue to meet the eligibility criteria and Performance Standards.
  • remain registered unless your registration is suspended or revoked.