About the CHRA register

Purpose of the register

One of the Community Housing Regulatory Authority's (CHRA) functions is to establish and maintain an electronic register of all registered Community Housing Providers (CHPs).  Its purpose is to ensure that members of the public are able to see who is a registered CHP and to enable social housing tenants to make informed housing choices. 

This information is held on two Registers.

  1. The Public Register; searchable by everyone and
  2. A Confidential Register; only accessible by CHRA.

Access to the public and search criteria

The Register can only be searched by reference to any one or more of the following criteria:

  1. the name of the CHP
  2. geographic location or
  3. registration status.

Information which must be on the register

The legislation provides that the following information shall be on the register for each registered CHP:

On the Public Register:

  • The full name and address and incorporation details (if applicable).
  • The full names and appointment details of members of its governing body
  • The date the CHP was conferred registration.
  • The class of registration that the CHP has obtained.
  • A description of the CHP and the scope of its activities, including a description of –
    1. the geographic location of the CHP, and
    2. the name and job title of each member of the CHP’s senior management.
  • A copy of any notice of CHRA’s intention to suspend or revoke the registration.
  • Information on any previous suspension or revocation of registration.
  • A copy of any binding instructions issued under section 181 of the Public and Community Housing Management Act 1992. [Not yet in operation]
  • Details of any appointment made to the governing body under section 180 of the Act. [Not yet in operation]

On the Confidential Register

  • The full details of any land 1 in respect of which the CHP is or was a registered proprietor, or over which it holds or has held a lease, tenancy agreement, or licence of more than three years’ duration, or at which it provides or has provided community housing services to the public.
  • If a person has been appointed as a statutory manager, receiver, liquidator or voluntary administrator in respect of the CHP –
      1. the person’s name or name of the firm with which the person is associated, and
      2. the year in which the person was appointed.


1 The “details” will include the Certificate of Title number, legal description – lot number, size of land,  type of interest the CHP has over the land, whether the land  is subject to any caveat or any mortgage or encumbrance and who the people are who hold the mortgage or encumbrance (if any) .